We need 5 billion batteries  to electrify the world

Mining to make batteries is environmentally destructive and expensive.

Reuse provides cheaper, cleaner and longer lasting batteries.

Scaling battery reuse massively must start now.

We disassemble EV batteries with robots

Every battery

Machine perception recognizes any battery brand and how to deal with them.

Risk reduction

Automated discharging avoids electrocution and fire hazards for workers.

Robotic disassembly

The robot disassembles battery packs (500 kg) into battery modules (25 kg) in 50% of the time.

Battery diagnostics

Electrical characterization of batteries to decide on recycling, reusing or repairing.


Wiebe Janssen | Co-founder & CEO | EV & battery systems

Developed the battery packs for Tesla Model X/3 and the 450-mile range EV powertrain for the solar-electric vehicle Lightyear One. He headed product and built engineering teams up to Series A. Awarded Time 100 Best Inventions 2019.

Andrawes Al Bahou | Co-founder & CTO | Machine Perception

Worked on the iconic mobile microprocessors at ARM and built the most efficient chip for computer vision at ETH Zurich. He developed ML algorithms in industrial computer vision, medical imaging and autonomous vehicles.

We’re backed by Silicon Valley deep-tech funds Fifty Years and Innovation Endeavors together with the brightest minds in Machine Learning (Head of Google AI),  Robotics (CEO AMP Robotics) and Battery tech (CTO Lightyear). We are guided by  startup operators from Cruise, Google X, Deepmind, Palantir and Neuralink.

Wiebe Janssen
Co-founder & CEO
EV & Battery systems

Andrawes al Bahou
Co-founder & CTO
Machine Perception & ML

We're backed by Fifty Years and the brightest angels in ML, robotics and battery tech.

We're on a mission to make batteries eternal.

Universe Energy AG

Zurich, Switzerland


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Solving the  bottleneck to scale battery reuse

EV batttery is damaged or reaches end-of-life.

100% of batteries must be recycled by law. This costs up to $3000.

70% of battery volumes are treated with 'premature recycling' instead of reusing it.

Te be reused, all batteries must be discharged, disassembled and diagnosed.

100% by hand. Up to 4 hours.  Regulation prevents outsourcing.  Shortage of high-volt technicians.  100’s of models = hard to automate.

Disassembling battery packs is the process bottleneck.

Battery packs are disassembled till module level and state of health is determined to decide on second life application.

Battery packs are prepared for all forms of reuse.

50% can be reused as-is in grid storage and industrial applications.

20% can be repaired after recalls from EV & battery OEMs.

30% can be reused as raw materials (Co, Ni, Li, Cu, Mn).  EU is targeting for new batteries to contain 50%  recycled content.


Using machine perception to generate instructions to disassemble any battery.


For dismantling & discharging batteries safely.


Robotic control for battery handling, disassembly, and discharging procedures.

Battery data

CAD models and 2D images covering high-volume battery vendors.

We integrate algorithms, robotics, data and tooling

Winning electrification without losing the planet

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Our mission is to replace mining with reuse as the largest source of the next 5 billion batteries. The problem is that EV batteries are fundamentally challenging and dangerous to reuse today. This is due to slow and dangerous disassembly by hand.

We automate the disassembly and discharging process with machine perception and robotics. We provide this technology as a service model for recyclers, automotive and battery makers.

Our vision is to deploy a network of modular factories to reuse batteries around the world. This blueprint scales battery reuse to the industrial volume needed for a truly clean energy transition